Lisa Thomson

Inspired by the natural world, the human form and unique colour combinations, Lisa aims to merge these elements to form abstract compositions. With a background in Fine Art, Lisa went on to study Woven Textile Design at the University of Brighton. She developed a key commercial awareness whilst developing an innovative approach to design and use of texture. A Texprint 2016 nominee, her versatile, colour-focused portfolio has been recognised for its distinctive style and creativity. Not only is she focused on colour, but experimenting with line, texture and shadow, allowing her to create a balance of realism combined with abstraction in her artwork. She uses tonal works to capture the stillness and movement and applies colour dependent on the characteristics of the subject.

Life drawing has always been an important part of Lisa’s studies. Her latest series has been inspired by female empowerment, strength and courage. “As a society, we constantly compare ourselves to what we see on social media. Once you learn to stand in your power, you will feel liberated and free, embracing every opportunity for love and expansion, growth and happiness. The female body is so very capable, and as a society we should celebrate this and not criticise.”