Red Eight Gallery to be the exclusive art partner for Dubel Art Prize

The esteemed Dubel Art Prize is set to kick off on Saturday, 26th August.
July 25, 2023
Red Eight Gallery to be the exclusive art partner for Dubel Art Prize

We are thrilled to announce our role as the exclusive art partner for the esteemed Dubel Art Prize, set to kick off on Saturday, 26th August. 


This prestigious art prize is awarded to an emerging British artist, including those who primarily work within Britain or a British artist who has gained international recognition.


To vie for this esteemed accolade, artists will have the opportunity to submit their applications, hoping to secure a spot among the 12 artists chosen for the shortlist at the beginning of each calendar year. Each of these talented artists will then be granted a dedicated event hosted by the Dubel Prize, where their works will be showcased.


The culmination of the year-long journey will be an awards ceremony, where a panel of judges, comprising curators, critics, authors, and other industry experts from the UK and beyond, will select the emerging artist of the year. Red Eight Gallery is beyond excited to be part of this venture, as it aims to shine a brilliant spotlight on exceptionally talented artists and provide crucial support throughout and beyond the prize period.


The art world, like many other industries, has faced considerable challenges over the past few years due to various constraints, including lockdowns, social distancing measures, and health protocols. With the Dubel Prize, there is hope for a positive change, offering artists a platform to display their creativity and artistry while garnering the recognition they deserve.


Red Eight Gallery is dedicated to ensuring each of the 12 shortlisted artists receives well-deserved recognition. To achieve this, the gallery will host individual events at beautiful locations, giving the artists a chance to showcase their works to distinguished guests, industry professionals, potential patrons, and influential figures on social media.


Above Image: Inside The Royal Exchange, London


Recognising the importance of exposure for budding artists, the gallery plans to promote each event using social media influencers, whose combined reach is expected to exceed 10 million for each event. Content creators will be invited to use their platforms to endorse the artists and their works, further increasing visibility and fostering connections with new audiences.


The Dubel Prize festivities will commence and culminate at the illustrious Royal Exchange, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences. The journey will kick off with a drinks reception at this magnificent venue, where the shortlisted artists will be unveiled before a captivated audience, accompanied by delightful DJs and live music. As the year comes to a close, the Royal Exchange will once again play host to the grand finale—an elegant banquet where the Dubel Prize winner will be officially announced.


A spectacular year-end awards ceremony awaits, honouring all 12 artists who made it to the shortlist and unveiling the ultimate winner. The event will welcome 500 esteemed guests, treated to welcome drinks, entertainment, and auctions, culminating in the momentous revelation of the Dubel Prize winner. The winning artwork will then be proudly displayed, offering visitors an opportunity to admire and acquire the masterpiece.


One of the key features of the Dubel Prize is the rotating panel of judges, ensuring a fresh perspective each year. Comprising directors of galleries, curators, critics, and authors, this diverse panel includes at least one international member. This balanced approach bridges the perspectives of those involved in British art within the country and those who view it through a global lens.


With the flexibility to refresh the panel every year or two, the Dubel Prize continues to expand its exposure to new audiences and potential collaborators, fostering greater opportunities for artists and the art community at large.


For those eager to learn more about this exciting event, please get in touch.

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