Connor Brothers' for Christmas?

The ultimate Christmas Collector's Gift Comes as a Connor's Brothers' hand painted novel
November 23, 2023
Connor Brothers' for Christmas?

When it comes to contemporary art, few duos have captured the imagination and curiosity of audiences quite like The Connor Brothers. 

Best known for their ingenious fusion of vintage book covers and clever quotations, these East London artists have left quite the mark on the art world.

The Connor Brothers burst onto the scene with their unique approach to art, utilising mass-produced American fiction book covers from the mid-20th century. What sets them apart is their ability to seamlessly merge these iconic book covers with sardonic and thought-provoking quotes, creating a harmonious blend of visual and intellectual stimulation. 

Initially presenting themselves as siblings, Franklyn and Brendan Connor claimed to have grown up in a cult that isolated them from modern society and culture. However, in a plot twist that surprised many, it was eventually revealed that The Connor Brothers are not blood relatives but collaborators who chose to adopt a fictional narrative as part of their artistic expression.

Despite the fictional nature of their fraternal identity, The Connor Brothers' true-life narrative is equally compelling. Beyond their artistic endeavours, the duo has emerged as high-profile advocates for social change. One of their notable campaigns focuses on altering public attitudes towards refugees, using their platform to shed light on the challenges faced by displaced individuals around the world.

In addition to their advocacy for refugees, The Connor Brothers have actively contributed to mental health awareness. Partnering with the leading mental health charity CALM (Campaign Against Living Miserably), they have utilised their art to raise funds and awareness for this critical cause. By leveraging their artistic success for the greater good, The Connor Brothers demonstrate the transformative power of creativity in addressing important societal issues.

We are thrilled to be currently showcasing a selection of The Connor Brothers' works, providing art enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to witness their hand-painted book covers on actual vintage books. We pride ourselves on promoting innovative and thought-provoking art and are super excited to present a selection of Connor Brothers' works to a wider audience.

We believe The Connor Brothers are inviting us to reconsider the narratives that shape our perceptions, challenging us to think critically about the world around us.

In a world where art has the power to transcend boundaries and spark conversations, The Connor Brothers stand as a testament to the transformative potential of creativity and its ability to inspire change. Whether through their captivating art, fictional personas, or their dedication to meaningful causes, The Connor Brothers continue to leave an ever-lasting imprint on the canvas of contemporary art.

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