Immersive Trapstar and Xbox Collaboration At Tate Modern

Red Eight artist SYMBLE showcases one of his bespoke works at the event
November 23, 2023
Immersive Trapstar and Xbox Collaboration At Tate Modern


London’s Tate Modern recently played host to an electrifying fusion of culture, art, fashion, and gaming, as iconic streetwear brand Trapstar collaborated with gaming giant Xbox to reveal their highly anticipated partnership. The exclusive launch event showcased a seamless blend of physical and digital art installations, creating a unique and immersive experience for attendees. We’re beyond proud to share that one of Red Eight’s talented British artist, SYMBLE, also participated in the event, showcasing one of his bespoke works, Kilo Gold Bar (Health is wealth).

Born and raised in London, SYMBLE is a self-taught artist known for his unique take on Pop and street art. Borrowing motifs from artistic greats such as Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Andy Warhol, SYMBLE's paintings capture the essence of past and present icons from popular culture. His work, including frequent depictions of Maurizio Cattelan's taped-banana sculpture and interpretations of Star Wars stormtroopers, the Monopoly Man, and various cartoon characters, has garnered attention and admiration with collectors, including artist Damien Hirst.

During the event, unique guest installations were carefully crafted by distinguished figures in the realms of fashion and art. The capital's most sought-after artist, designer, and cultural influencer, 'SLAWN,' a distinguished member of the Trap family tree, showcased a one-of-a-kind artwork alongside a select number of exclusive prints commemorating the launch. Furthermore, conceptual artist and collaborator with Cactus Jack, Carlos W. Desrosiers, unveiled exclusive painted artworks and a distinctive sculptural design feature, adding another layer of artistic flair to the collaborative spectacle.

The Tate Modern transformed into an otherworldly space and served as the perfect backdrop for the grand revealing of the Trapstar | Xbox collaboration. A standout moment of the evening was the iconic photo installation that guided guests through the most memorable moments of the Trapstar brand movement. The exhibit showcased images of influential figures like Young Thug and Central Cee, providing a visual journey through Trapstar's 'WE OUTSIDE' takeovers.

In a nod to Trapstar's roots, a bespoke bedroom installation was designed, serving as a reminder of the brand's humble beginnings. Pizza boxes, a tribute to trapping garments in custom pizza box packaging during the brand's early days, were featured alongside the original Xbox, symbolising the brand's signature hustle.

Above Image: Kilo Gold Bar (Health is Wealth), SYMBLE

The atmosphere at the event was further heightened by a curated soundtrack from a lineup of DJs, creating a sense of anticipation for the gaming tournament's final winner. Xbox On host 'Benny Central' presented the tournament winner with the coveted Trapstar customised 1/10 Xbox Series S 1TB in Carbon Black, adding a touch of prestige to the occasion.

The collaboration between Trapstar and Xbox, which happened on November 17, 2023, showcased the Trapstar Edition Xbox Series S 1TB in Carbon Black. This unique gaming masterpiece, inspired by Trapstar's iconic hyperdrive trademark, exemplifies the convergence of gaming and fashion. It represents a cultural testament to the power of innovative ideas and creativity, bridging the gap between gaming and fashion, and showcasing the significance of street culture on a global scale.

Trapstar, a trailblazer in the UK streetwear scene, has become one of the country's most successful fashion exports. Known for its gothic font and barcode, Trapstar has been embraced by celebrities and music icons, with a unique connection to the streets and underground music. The brand's organic relationship with artists and its community-led movement continue to drive its success, making it a representation of the culture that inspires it. Adapted into millions of wardrobes worldwide, Trapstar remains a symbol of innovation and authenticity in the fashion industry.

We’re so proud that one of our artist’s got to be part of this groundbreaking event. 

You can check out SYMBLE’s work’s here


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