Gallery hire : A unique and full service Creative Hub in the heart of the City of London.

Welcome to The City of London’s creative hub: Red8 Gallery.

We invite you to a world where creativity converges with corporate connections in our vibrant art gallery. Nestled in the heart of The City of London, our space isn't just about exhibitions—it's a networking haven for companies seeking to forge new client relationships and reward their exceptional teams.

Our curated events blend diverse artworks, from contemporary masterpieces to avant-garde installations, creating an inspiring backdrop for fostering connections. Whether you're aiming to captivate new clients, strengthen existing partnerships, or treat your team to an enriching experience, our gallery offers the perfect fusion of culture and commerce.

Explore our bespoke packages tailored to meet various budgets and requirements, ensuring that every company, regardless of size, can access the benefits of our space.


Red8 latES - an evening with...

Join us for Red 8 Lates, our exclusive networking events where art serves as the catalyst for meaningful conversations and relationship-building. Discover the power of this unique setting to elevate your business endeavours amidst The City of London's vibrant cultural landscape.

Who is it for?

Partner businesses in the Square Mile.

What is it for?

Networking events, client entertainment or employee incentives in an engaging, technology-ready, and co-branded environment.

What we offer:

A unique event space filled with art. A warm welcome. A short art talk. Drinks and light food. An opportunity to connect with colleagues and clients in a creative environment in the heart of the City of London.

Ideal for week-night events of 20-70 people.

Packages from £3000.

Please contact Lucy Usher.



Who is it for?

Artists, art advisors or partner galleries

  • Emerging artists with the beginnings of commercial success.
  • Recent graduates.
  • Financially successful second-career artists.
  • Artists who have lost their representation.
  • Artists/groups with at least 20-30 pieces in their body of work.
  • Works from £1500.
  • Partner galleries and art advisors seeking a discreet client viewing room.
  • Bespoke residencies of upto 3 weeks.
  • Possibility to split between multiple artists for a group show.

Packages from £3000.

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