Investing In Art

The most visible sales in the art world tend to be those at the upper end of the scale, such

as the sale of Edward Hopper's iconic Chop Suey in November 2018 for $91,875,000.

These iconic sales might capture the imagination and the headlines, but beneath these

lofty auction results, there is ample opportunity to enjoy profitable disposals with a far

more modest initial outlay.

Our expert team at Red Eight Gallery is passionate about sourcing work from emerging

artists at remarkably affordable prices. Acquiring pieces from artists who are in the

early stages of their careers and beginning to make their mark on the art world offers an

accessible way to enter the market. Thanks to our years of experience and expertise in the

art world, we can source work for our clients that is very likely to increase dramatically in

value as the artist's career progresses.

At a slightly higher price level, we can also source work from more established artists.

With this increased price tag comes the opportunity to acquire pieces from artists who

are already well known in the art world and whose work enjoyed significant attention from

the media and from collectors. For those investors and collectors who have an interest in

particular artists, our team can often find out which works are currently available. Thanks

to our strong international contacts, we are often able to locate work directly from artists,

collectors, studios, and other galleries to meet our clients' requirements.

Red Eight Gallery can serve as your buying agent for a modest commission. If you have

artwork you wish to sell, we can assist and support you throughout the process. As part of

our comprehensive service, we are happy to consider displaying your work in our gallery,

managing and facilitating the sale in return for a small commission. In addition to assisting

our clients with acquiring and selling work, we offer a wide range of related services,

including arranging storage, framing, hanging and delivery.